33. Jumpin Jumpin at Extreme Newcastle!

All credit to Sarah for this one! It was her birthday this week and so obviously she wanted to celebrate turning 28 with a trip to Extreme Newcastle – a trampoline park that’s recently popped up on West Road.

We headed there this afternoon for our 2pm slot, purchased the compulsory  socks, watched a slightly bizarre H&S video and then headed on in.

During the video we realised that (perhaps unsurprisingly) we were almost definitely the oldest child-free people there. We were therefore initially slightly concerned about potentially crushing some small children, but actually the park is really well organised and there were no issues at all!

It was also really fun. Like REALLY fun. We began our time on a tightrope, which Molly was great at and the rest of us were, frankly, crap. 

We followed this up with some bouncing which, FYI, is seriouslyyy tiring. Like I was knackered after five minutes. I am so unfit. We attempted to get a photo of all of us doing a star jump, but this was about as close as we got… 

The scariest bit was a high jump into a foam pit. I mean loads of small children were doing it and Molly, Sarah and Barnesy tackled it straight away, but Astrid and I were too scared.

We decided to be brave though and give it a go. I waited anxiously in the queue, made it to the top and then got TOO SCARED and had to sit down to jump. Seriously. LIKE HOW OLD AM I!?

Astrid then smashed it and, so determined not to be the only non jumper, I rather sheepishly climbed back to the top andddd this time I made it! Hurrayyyy! I had conquered my Everest!

Ermmmm how GLORIOUS does Astrid look when lounging in a foam pit!?

Other activities included Sarah destroying Barnesy and Molly at some sort of Gladiator thing… 

And a basketball game which I’ve no photos of and which I was seriously bad at. I even got the ball stuck somewhere and had to ask staff to get it down 🙈

All in all it was an absolutely smashing afternoon and one I’d recommend to anyone keen to feel like a child again. It really was knackering though and so between bouncing and playing we needed the occasional rest. 

Well, when I say “we” I mean me, Astrid, Molly and Sarah. Not Barnesy. Barnesy spent the time planking. Obviously. 


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