44. Visit Ouseburn Farm

Ouseburn Farm is undoubtedly one of Newcastle’s gems. It began life as Byker City Farm in 1976 when local people developed it so that city children had the opportunity to spend time with animals. It closed in 2002 for seven years due to a problem with its soil, but thankfully was able to reopen in 2009 when it became Ouseburn Farm.

A not-for-profit charity, the farm is free to visit, but relies on donations and volunteers to survive. Sometimes extra events are available for a small fee – as was the case on this beautiful day when my sister and I took three of my nieces and nephews there for a lamb petting session!

We arrived and spent a little time enjoying the sunshine in the garden area, finding all sorts of pretty spots for the kids to explore.

Next we went to meet some of the farm’s many animals. As well as those shown below, the farm is also home to a number of smaller creatures including lizards, snakes, rabbits and tortoises.

Soon enough it was time for our main event – petting the lambs! This was such a lovely chilled out experience – you were just let into the pen to sit and pet the lambs with no real time pressure. The lambs were between one and three weeks old and were just adorable. My two nieces would have stayed in there for hours if we had let them and for £3 each it was definitely worth it!

We ended our visit with a trip to the cafe which sells a range of food, made with local ingredients – lots coming straight from the farm itself! We were a little too early for lunch so opted instead for an ice cream – taking advantage of a rare sunny day – before finally heading off home!

There’s something really lovely about visiting somewhere local and particularly a place which makes such an effort to support its local community and therefore definitely deserves our support in return.


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